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PPD/Sport/Police K9

Personal Pretoection

We train Personal Protection Dogs, Sport Dogs, and Police K9s 

Personal Protection Dogs

A personal protection dog (PPD) is a highly trained dog that is used to protect you and your family from a physical threat. A personal protection dog is trained to be with in various scenarios such as protecting you in the home from home invasion, in the car from a car jacking, and out in public. 



About PSA "In each successive level the dog-handler team is asked to negotiate obedience and protection routines that are increasingly complex, difficult in terms of pressure from both decoys and environmental distractions, and as well the handlers must strategize how to work through scenarios involving risk-reward tradeoffs.  As the scenarios can change from trial to trial in the upper levels, handlers must be able to train components of exercises, and pattern training is a virtual impossibility. The higher the levels, the more surprise scenario components in both obedience and protection are presented to the handlers" 


Police K9s

We train K9s and handlers in various avenues, single and dual purpose. We train apprehension, detection, and tracking.


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We have weekly group bite work training

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